How to Remove Spray Paint from Walls in 5 Easy Steps

how to remove spray paint from wall

Wondering how to remove spray paint from wall?. Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Spray paint is one of the most durable paint on the market. It’s even more adhesive than latex paint and dries faster.

Hence the reason many people prefer to use it for their projects. However, if you like DIY painting your home or purchased an abandoned property, you would have come across spray paint on the wall that you would want gone.

how to remove spray paint from wall

Now the question is how will you remove this spray paint on the wall?. If the wall is concrete, it may be easier to remove the paint. But if you are dealing with drywall, it’s especially delicate, and care must be taken when removing the paint to prevent damaging it.

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the DIY ways of removing spray paint from walls.

Supplies You’ll to Remove Paint from Walls

If you are really serious about removing the spray paint from walls, then you would need a couple of things to help you accomplish that.

  • Paint Scraper: If you are dealing with think or tough paint. The paint scraper will be useful in helping you remove that layer of paint.
  • A graffiti remover or paint remover: This will mineral spirit is a potential solution to consider if the simple paint solvent is not working well.
  • WD-40: This is another effective paint remover. WD-40 can be used in a pinch to remove spray paint once you’ve applied paint remover.
  • Sponge/Magic Eraser: A sponge or magic eraser or even just a rag, can be used to scrub the spray paint once you’ve applied the paint remover.
  • Spare Paint: This is useful if removing the paint is not completely necessary and you still have the original paint on the wall in your hand. It will be worth it to just go over the spray paint with a few coats instead of trying to remove it.
  • Putty: This will be used t patch up any damage that may have been caused in the process of removing the paint from the wall.

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What You Need May Need to Know About Removing Spray Paint from Walls( Brick or Drywall)

Spray paint is quite impressive when it comes to adhesive properties hence many like to use it on walls. But if it accidentally touches the wrong places, it can be frustrating removing it. Considering that it is mostly applied over paint that you may like to keep.

Furthermore, if you are dealing with drywall and interior surfaces that are very delicate and can easily get damaged.

Most paint removers will remove any paint from the surface and with the help of scrubbing it can get off the wall.

Below we will look at some of the steps to take to remove the spray paint.

Tips to Keep in Mind 

Remember the best way to remove spray paint is to avoid getting it on the wall altogether.

That is why it is essential to protect the area around where you intend to paint using drop cloths or plastic sheeting to keep the spray paint off the walls.

Additionally, always observe all safety precautions when dealing with paint. It will prevent any trips to the hospital.

Remove Spray Paint from Walls in 5 Steps

Here are the steps you need to follow to remove your spray paint from the wall. Whether you are dealing with brick walls or drywall.

Step1: Test Your Paint Remover

Since you dont want to damage the paint on the wall. It is recommended to start by testing your chosen solvent or paint remover on a small secluded part of the wall where it won’t be visible. Leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Check after that to see if it has caused any damage to the paint.

If no damage is done, then you can feel free to continue with the rest of the wall. but if you notice any damage, you’ll probably need to change the solvent and try something less aggressive.

The simplest solvent you can always try is a combination of warm water and baking soda.

Step 2: Apply the Solvent and Scrub

After applying the solvent and allowing it on for the required time, the next step is to start scrubbing. If you choose to use a paint thinner, you can apply it and scrub it off with a magic eraser, sponge, rage or even paper towels.

This scrubbing may cause some surface damage to the wall. But you can always fix the damage later.

Step 3: Use a Scraper if You can’t Scrub

If the scrubbing doesn’t work, you’re likely past the point of avoiding damage to your wall.  Take a paint scraper and begin scraping off the layer of paint.

This will take off the layer of regular paint beneath the spray paint, so you will be stripping the wall.

However, you will hopefully be able to remove all the spray paint with this action, and your wall will be clean, albeit a bit damaged.

Step 4: Fix any Damage

If you have to use the scraper or scrubbing steps, there is a high chance that you probably have damaged the wall in some way in the process. This will require fixing.

This is where the putty comes in handy. Use the putty to repair any scrapes or gouges you’ve put into the wall.

Though a filler like putty is easy to apply, it needs to be applied with care to ensure it is smoothed out properly to seamlessly blend well with the wall. If applied correctly, your wall will look brand new again.

Step 5: Paint the Wall

After you have finished removing the paint, the area the spray paint was will appear darker than the rest of the wall around it.

After making any fixes to the wall, you may need to paint the wall again for the wall to look evenly painted without any darker areas showing.

After painting the wall, you allow it to dry up and you are done.

If you still need more visuals clarifications, then you can check out this video below on how to remove graffiti from walls.

Final Thoughts

Take care of your walls today and begin removing that spray paint,  Solvents and paint removers will help you, and extra paint and putty can act as your do-over button in case you make a dire error.

As you can see above, it is possible to remove that spray paint from your walls. It may take time and get tiring, but it is doable.

If you are a DIYer who wants to get rid of unwanted spray paint on bricks or drywall, these tips will help you to remove the paint.

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