3 Best HVLP Paint Sprayer for Cars

best hvlp paint sprayer for cars

Looking for the best HVLP paint sprayer for cars?. Great. You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you can expect to learn the following:

  • What HVLP paint prayer is
  • The top-rated best HVLP paint sprayer for cars picks
  • How to choose a HVLP paint sprayer for cars

best hvlp paint sprayer for cars

Quick Preview of the Best HVLP Paint Sprayers for Cars

In a hurry?. I understand. Here is a quick overview of the best HVLP paint sprayer guns for cars.

  1. DeVilbiss Finishline Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun ( Best Overall)
  2. Master Pro 44 Series High-Performance HVLP Spray Gun( Best Value for Money)
  3. HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer( Best Budget)

Whether is a brand new car or an old car you want to repaint, you can get that perfect shine on your car with the right HVLP paint sprayer.  You can save yourself some time if you choose to go the DIY way instead of requesting the services of a professional.

The best HVLP paint sprayer can give your car a smooth and elegant look which can give you a sense of pride. That is why I have decided to help you by doing the research for you to get the right HVLP paint sprayer for your car.

What is HVLP Paint Sprayer?

The HVLP stands for high volume low pressure. An HVLP paint sprayer is similar to a conventional spray gun using a compressor to supply the air, but the spray gun itself requires a lower pressure(LP).

The high volume(HV) of air is used to aerosolize and propel the paint at a lower pressure(LP). The result is a higher proportion of paint reaching the target surface with reduced overspray, material consumption, and air pollution.

It’s basically a standard spray gun that is usually connected to a compressor and aggressively propels finish onto your project.

The HVLP spray guns dispense finish at high volume, low pressure (HVLP) which results in less overspray and, when used properly, a finer finish. That is why cabinet makers and furniture builders love them.

Best HVLP Paint Sprayer for Cars

After doing deep research, here are the best HVLP paint sprayers for your car to give you the perfect finish you want.

1). DeVilbiss Finishline Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun

This HVLP spray gun is one of the best automotive spray guns on the market. It may be a high-end product but its quality is unparalleled to any. It is the easiest to adjust and clean, while also been compatible with all the different types of paints.

DeVilbiss Finishline Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun

It is best used with a solvent to ensure the thickness of the paint is appropriate, but because of that, it can easily tackle latex paints, urethanes, and any different type of paint you can imagine.

This product will deliver a professional finish and has dynamic air control to ensure an even coat for all of your painting jobs.

It is perfectly engineered with an aluminum cup and stainless steel components make this product slightly heavy but very durable that will stand the test of time.


  • Compatible with all paints
  • its high quality and durable
  • Easy to use


  • It’s expensive

2). Master Pro 44 Series High-Performance HVLP Spray Gun

This Master Pro 44 Series High-performance HVLP paint sprayer is also one of the best HVLP spray guns. It’s adjustable and also easy to clean. It is also long-lasting and dynamic.

This product can deliver a very high cfm without too much overspray and is a great high-quality paint sprayer for the price.

Master Pro 44 Series High-Performance HVLP Spray Gun

It comes with a high-flow air pressure regulator with a gauge. It 1.3 mm fluid tip set up is ideal for use with base coats, clear coats, single stage, primers, and other light to medium viscosity paint coating materials.

Its precision-engineered high-grade stainless steel components are 100% suitable for the latest automotive waterborne paint coatings.


  • Professional grade
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable settings and components


  • slightly expensive
  • Some customers complained about the seals wearing out

3). HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer

This HomeRight finish Max paint sprayer is the most affordable in this guide. It comes with a lightweight design and fits comfortably in your hands. This reduces fatigue and increases maneuverability around projects allowing you to work for longer hours

It comes with great adjustable settings which allows you to adjust the air cap to spray like the way you want. You can also increase or decrease material output by adjusting the material flow control knob.

HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer

You can use this paint spray gun on different types of materials because it is very easy to spray and clean. You can just simply clean the sprayer with water-based materials after the painting session is done.


  • It’s lightweight
  • It is easy to clean and use
  • Sprays all types of paints


  • The hopper is a bit small

How to Choose an HVLP Paint Spray Gun for Cars

Painting a car is a big deal and you can afford to go wrong with it. Otherwise, it will ruin the beauty and appearance of the car. Therefore, you need to consider some important factors when choosing an HVLP spray gun for your car.

Below are some factors to consider when choosing an HVLP paint sprayer for your car.

Paint Gun Type

Automotive HVLP spray gun requires specialized equipment to finish your painting properly with certain styles technically. So make sure to choose easier gun types based on your car’s painting requirements.

Nozzle size

HVLP spray guns usually are smaller than the standard sprayer and have smaller nozzles that are removable also. You need to pick the right nozzle size that can paint your car efficiently because it determines the type of paint you should use and how much paint it can spray.


The weight of your HVLP paint sprayer is an important factor to consider. Even though HVLP paint sprayers are mostly not heavy, but you have to factor the weight in because you will be using it for a long period of time and it needs to be held up. Choose one that you can support.

Air Pressure Rating

There is a comfort zone/range for the air pressure.  You want a device that is capable of delivering a good spray without achieving high pressure.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning your sprayer after use is necessary to prevent the risk of gumming up internally. This is because they will typically get covered up with paint internally during spray painting. Make sure to pick one that can easily be disassembled and cleaned.


The more high-quality you need; the more money you need to spend. You can go through some online reviews to know whether they are really good enough to be a true’ sprayer and do an efficient painting. You can check the durability and quality of some premium brands which offer more expensive models.

Final Thoughts on the Best HVLP Paint Sprayer for Car

Having the right paint spray gun can help you to paint your own car, and in fact at your own home. These HVLP paint sprayers are to help you in doing so.

These are high quality, some are premium priced and others are affordable if you are on a low budget.

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