I sincerely understand your ply because painting your house, car or furniture may seem easy until you buy your paint and the complexity starts. The mixing, how to paint, remove or clean unwanted  paint will be some of the things you have to deal with. It’s so easy to get confused if you dont already have the needed knowledge to understand them.
My name is Jordan, I am a painting enthiasiast who like exploring and doing deep research about painting the house, pieces of equipment, cars, painting products, how-to-tips and love giving you all the information you need to paint in confidence.
The years and months of painting knowledge I have accumulated is what I share on this website, with the hope to provide clarity to your unanswered painting questions.
Here at thepainthow.com, I have a passion for helping others. So my mission is to translate this passion for value through useful painting guides, tips, product reviews, and recommendations which will help you make informed decisions concerning your painting activities.
All reviews are based on experiences and in-depth product research. Hopefully, this will help you find the right materials and information.

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Thank You.